Do you care more about whether the pineapple suits the pizza than the latest political debate? Would you rather be in a heated argument about toppings or sauces or sausages than politics? Then, you are an apolitical person and the apoliticicm certificate is made for you. Get it and let others vote.


Introverts unite! Separately, in your own homes, without making eye contact or engaging in any unnecessary small talk. Let's celebrate our love for quiet spaces and solitude, where we can recharge our batteries and avoid awkward social interactions. Remember, it's not that we don't like people, we just prefer to socialize in smaller doses, like the recommended serving size on a bottle of cough syrup.

CEO, CFO, etc.

Within a corporation, all professionals are important but some are more important than others. Someone is holding a pencil and someone else is holding a cigar. Someone opens the door but someone else walks by, someone makes a coffee but someone else drinks it, someone drives a truck and someone else sits at the back seat of a limo. What about you?

The King

Hello your Majesty!!! We are humbly at your services. Please consider adding this certificate to your collection and make all your Knights knee once again in front of your greatness.

The astronaut

Have you recently been to the moon but missed your photos? Were you the first one to land on the moon or do you already live there? Then this a very well deserved certificate for you!

The cat

Are you or have you ever been a cat before? Do your eat fish more than anyone or can you see in the darkness like no-one else you know? Then say no more... all you just need is this certificate to prove it. Be the cat you have always been!

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