Self certificate badge

Certify your self

Are you a cat but no-one believes you? Well, we do! Get your cat certificate now and prove them wrong.

You deserve it!

Peer certificate badge

Certify others

Do you know someone who meows but no-one believes you? Well, we do. Assign this cat a certificate and change their minds.

You are the master

Self certificate badge

Get certified by the crowd

Are you a cat and everyone believes you? Well, we do as well. Invite your friends to vouch for your certification.

They are the master

We want you to feel happy and proud.

This is the core of our mission statement and the reason Certifunny was made: to spread happiness. Even during its conception we were laughing ourselves with the certifications we were nominating ourselves with! We want to share our passion with you hoping it will draw a big smile to your face as well!

This is also what we ask you to do: Anytime you assign youself or someone else a certificate, do it for good. Laughing is contageous and you can become a joy ambassador yourself!

Happy man

Happy woman

Being motivated by a funny certificate

How can you motivate someone reach a goal via Certifunny? Let's see it by an example.

Let's say you have a friend who is always late and your assign them "The always on time" certificate. Or they are quite unconfident and you assign them "The King" or "The most lovely unconfident person on earth" certificate for boosting their confidence. Wouldn't this have an impact?

Never forget that you may also offer this gift to yourself: Whatever inspires your or makes you feel good, you may assign it to yourself.